One night

Again it happens to me the memories I shared with you started following me. They catch hold of me and again took me to the era where I wanted to be all yours. My hearts skips again on those long conversations we had the nightfall again dark with that loneliness around me.

You never understood the meaning of real love you never broke your ego for sake of love. Being always conserved you leave me behind with sorrow. But then too I love the feeling of alone thinking about what I have lost and what I gain. The story of our took a sharp turn and halted with the jerk. It falls me again from the very dream of ours.

Then you hold the grudges and I hold sorrow we apart like rain that leaves the cloud thundering and crying to force to fall down as fast as quick.


Thanks not to stop me

Thanks.. not to stop me

Thanks.. you never tried to stop me,

If you stopped me I wouldn’t be able to refuse.

Thanks for letting me go, I can’t hold these emotions for too long.

It’s amazing to be free from all those complex thoughts of us

Those feelings are still so fresh like,

 the first rain after a long hot summer day

But thanks not to stop me


Thank you always keep this relation so simple,

 That can be easily fade away,

Without leaving deep wounded scars.

There are no such moments that I will be missing ever

 Not even beautiful surprises,

There is always me who initiated and the driver of this fate

You did nothing to make me yours neither at starting nor now

I am the person with lots of dreams hopes,

That is the actual reason for seven years of togetherness.

Otherwise, you never tried to stop me, or you never want me to

Love will be the biggest question of my life thanks to you

You gave me the reason to forget my dreams my hope

By stating it’s a drama that I do thinking I am a filmy dude

Thanks for making me realize that love is not for me.

I am the loneliest person with shattered hopes

Do I will be able to love someone or not,

 But will definitely not a person to make your life hell

Thanks not to stop me it will give me the courage to fight for my dreams

Thanks not to be the part of my dreams

Thanks did not try to stop me

I would, not be able to say “no”.

Thank you.